Trunyan Village

Bali offers many wondrous places to visit. As a solo traveller, one of my most favourite destination in this Island is the mysterious Trunyan Grave Village.There several reasons why Trunyan is so special for me. It is definitely not a popular and crowded spot in Bali, not like Kuta, Sanur, or  Seminyak where people loves to spend their leisure activities. This cultural site truly worth an extra effort’s trip.

It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes from Denpasar by motorbike to reach the Lake Batur. Trunyan is situated at the east side of Lake Batur – the largest crater lake of Bali which has charm and lovely scenic view. In order to reach the location of the grave, we have to take a motor boat around 35 minutes. It is really fun enjoying the lake cool breeze while riding boat. But bear in mind, you may have to prepare boat fee for IDR 300 K / person. The more people in the group will lower down the price.It has an unique funeral rites. Unlike most Balinese people, Trunyanese do not cremate or bury the dead bodies, but they just lay the corpses in bamboo cages to be naturally decomposed. Strangely, there is no bad smells / stinky comes from them. You can see collection of skulls and bones placed on a stairs-shaped stone altar. I had a chance to hold one of the skull. Hope he / she is not angry!

Although no scientific research has been done, I can say that the big Tarumanyan Tree is amazing! It produces a typical scent which absorbs and neutralises the smell of those rotting bodies. Based on its etymology, Taru means ‘tree’ and Menyan means ‘nice smell’. On their folk history, Trunyanese are often said as descendants of the native Balinese.


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